On February 7th, the FFDream-team had the pleasure to interview Naoki Yoshida, producer & director of Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn.The man shared with us his feeling about the coming launch of the PS4 version of his MMORPG, and confided an unexpected news to us...

FFDream.com : Yoshida-san, we are very happy to see you for the PS4 version of FFXIV : A Realm Reborn. To start with, could you please tell us how you are going to support the Japanese launch of the PS4?

Naoki Yoshida : Sony is going to start promoting the launch of the PS4 version of FFXIV very soon and we are also going to release strong assets such as trailers. For ourselves, and also Sony, it’s a very important thing that Final Fantasy is going to be there from day one for the new PlayStation hardware. It’s gonna be beta, but it’s free, so that’s a very big thing to us all. We are going to do our best.

What do you think about the launch of the PS4 in Europe and other Western countries?

I think they did a really great start, including with the share feature, the remote play, but also the fact that the PS4 is really designed for the developers. It is really easy to develop on PS4, even it is a highly advanced hardware. We want to make a very good start and to make sure that FFXIV gets on this great trend and that many players as possible will enjoy this game. I think Sony has done a really good job.

To accompany the launch of Lightning Returns in Japan, you organised a Lightning Returns FATE in the game. Lots of players are now eager to see Squall, Zidane and Tidus. Do you think there will be a chance to see them in a future event?

Thank you very much for playing the FATE. When you played, I’m sure you realized that the stories are connected with each other and that the reason why Lightning comes to Eorzea makes sense. We want to make sure we won’t destroy the storyline of the other games and it’s very important to us to create a storyline which reassures the players, and tells that there is a reason why this character arrives in the XIV world. I think it would be a bit boring if Tidus just came to say "Hi" in the game, it just doesn’t make sense. I really want to make sure there is a strong reason behind it and that it is carefully planned. But yes, we’re defintely looking to bringing stories and new characters to the game, so please wait for it.

Yoshida-san, during the FFXIV Japanese launch event, you weren’t able to hold your tears. It was a strong moment for all the people in the audience. How did you fell at this time?

That’s very difficult to explain but, when I tried to say something at that moment, it came back to me that it had been so many years I’d been working on the game and that it was a really hard time and extremely challenging. All those feelings came together. I tried to hold it, but then, at that same moment, the Legacy players who were in the audience said “Don’t cry!” and “Ganbare!”. That also made me feel how much we’ve been supported by all the players and that came to my heart as well. It’s a bit embarrassing but I just couldn’t stop holding my tears.

At this moment, did you felt like a rockstar?

(laugh) Not at all. I’m the same as you guys, I love MMOs and I love Final Fantasy. It’s just that this time I am on the developer’s side of those video games. It’s nothing special, I just love it, the same way as you do. Don’t think I’m special, or anything like that...but let’s stop talking about this, it brings back memories! (laugh)

Last question: Long time ago, you mentionned the Gold Saucer for FFXIV. Are you planning on releasing it in a future version?

I can’t reveal the release timing but I can tell you we’ve started the development. The designs and all the contents are almost ready, but we want to make sure there’s a huge volume and contents to the Gold Saucer when it’s released, otherwise the players won’t consider it. So when it will be out, I’m sure you’ll be happy, so please wait for it.

Thank you very much Yoshida-san. This was an interview for jeuxcapt.com, Finaland.com and FFDream.com.

Thank you very much.

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le 17/02/2014

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